Sunday, April 7, 2013

Open Essay Prompts Life of Pi

Josh Montero has the other half of the assignment:
1) How do the humans in your life reflect the animal behavior observed by Pi? What did Pi's strategies for dealing with Richard Parker teach you about confronting the fearsome creatures in your life?
2) Is there a relationship between religion and storytelling? Is religion a form of storytelling? Is there a theological dimension to storytelling?
3) Besides the loss of his family and possessions, what did Pi loose when the Tsimtsum sank? What did he gain?

10 Multiple Choice Questions
1. The main character grew up in what country?

a) Canada
b) Mexico

c) India

d) United States

2. What was the main character named after?

a) A famous landmark

b) His grandfather
c) His father
d) A swimming pool

3. What did the main character think about the animals in the zoo?

a) They were happy living in the zoo

b) They were fearful of the other animals in the zoo
c) They would like to return to the wild
d) They were not happy living in the zoo

4. Who is Mamji?

a) A person who studied in England for two years

b) A person who worked for Pi's father at the zoo
c) A person who used to be a competitive swimmer

d) A respectful, affectionate term for an older person
5. In Chapter 1, the main character tells about his experience in which location?

a) A Canadian hospital

b) A Mexican hospital
c) A Mexican restaurant

d) An English restaurant

6. The main character's father loved to talk about what subject?

a) Swimming

b) History

c) Zoology

d) Animals

7. What animal do zookeepers think of as the most dangerous animal in the zoo?

a) Lions
b) Hippos
c) Man
d) Tigers
8. When Pi's father takes his sons on a tour of the zoo, which of the following statements is not true?

a) They watch a tiger eat a goat
b) His father shows them how quickly animals could kill them

c) His father tells them not to try and pet a tiger
d) His father tells them none of the animals could be touched
9. Who was Mr. Satish Kumar?

a) Mr. Kumar was the reason Pi studied theology

b) Mr. Kumar was a good looking man who believed in God
c) Mr. Kumar was an agnostic
d) Mr. Kumar was a Communist and atheist
10. When have successful zookeepers created a healthy environment for the animals?

a) When the animals reproduce
b) When the animals get along with humans
c) When the animals don't try to get out
d) When the animals eat well

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